Resources for 2022 PCA General Assembly (and Presbytery Overture Votes)

Here is some valuable study material to review in the lead up to the 2022 PCA General Assembly. I wanted to share documents with other elders who are looking to prepare well for GA. Below is an article I wrote sharing my convictions about being impartial judges at General Assembly. I fear the PCA will not remain united unless we ground our decisions in careful exegesis of Scripture and thoughtful analysis of our Westminster Standards.

Can We Act as Impartial Judges?

I’m trying to collect as many resources as possible of those that have a position contrary to mine. Its good to listen to the other side and carefully evaluate their arguments.

Scroll all the way through. There are a wide range of links posted. Read 3 or 4 articles presenting a position opposite of yours. Read them thinking the best of those writing them.

I’ll update this blog entry as I find new resources. My goal is to post links to as complete a list of resources possible. Last Updated: 1/21/2022 at 11:20am

Official PCA Documents:

SJC Ruling: TE Ryan Speck v. Missouri Presbytery.

Official Missouri Presbytery Documents:

Open Letter from the Administrative Committee. January 9, 2020.

Affirmations and Denials on Human Sexuality. June 2, 2020.

BCO 31-2 Investigation of TE Greg Johnson. July 21, 2020.

General Assembly Declared “Biblically Faithful” Documents:

Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality Report (2021 General Assembly)

Nashville Statement (2019 General Assembly)

Articles Relating to the Concept of “Identity” & Bringing It Into the PCA

Reformed Articles:

Michael Allen. Sources of the Self: The Distinct Makings of the Christian Identity.

Matthew Lee Anderson. The Trouble with Talking about our “Identity in Christ”

Nathan Campbell. Identity is a Trojan Horse. Stop bringing it in behind the gates of the church

Nathan Campbell. Questioning identity (including the idea of ‘identity in Christ’)

Nathan Campbell. Could a theology of beauty fix how we talk about ‘attraction’ and help us tell a better story about God, the world, and ourselves

Scott Swain. Renewing theological anthropology.

Scott Swain. More thoughts on theological anthropology: man as male and female.

Non-Christian Scholarly Articles:

Phillip Gleason. Identifying Identity: A Semantic History. NOTE: Most often quoted history of “identity” in scholarly articles.

Young Yun Kim. Ideology, Identity, and Intercultural Communication: An Analysis of Differing Academic Conceptions of Cultural Identity

Medical News Today. Types of Gender Identity. Note: A list defining the many genders people areidentifying” with.

Oyserman, Elmore & Smith. Self, Self-Concept, and Identity Identity Definition

Turner, Oakes, Haslam & McGarty. Personal and Social Identity: Self and Social Context

Greg Johnson’s Material:

Essential Reading:

Greg Johnson. Still Time to Care: What We Can Learn from the Church’s Failed Attempt to Cure Homosexuality. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2021.

Greg Johnson. I Used To Hide My Shame. Now I Take Shelter Under the Gospel. Christianity Today, May 20, 2019.

Greg Johnson. I’m a gay, celibate pastor of a conservative church. Here’s a trick for de-escalation. USA Today, December 22, 2021. NOTE: Greg Johnson did not choose the title of this article.

Greg Johnson. The Gay Threat to the PCA. Semper Ref, September 26, 2021.

Greg Johnson. Gay Shame and Jesus. Living Out, October 2021.

Interviews Regarding His Book:

Greg Johnson. Same-Sex Attracted, Sexually Pure, and…Unfit for Ministry? Interview with Preston Sprinkle, June 29, 2021.

Greg Johnson. Being Gay and Christian. Conversations About Life Podcast (Will Jackson), December 31, 2021.

Greg Johnson. Still Time to Care. The Hopper Podcast (William Sofield & Dave Baggett), January, 2, 2022.

Greg Johnson. Embrace Webinar #23. Embrace (Michelle Sanchez). December 11, 2021.

Greg Johnson. The Church Wasn’t Always So Bad at the LBTQ Conversation with Greg Johnson. Hole in My Heart Podcast (Laurie Krieg), December 2021.

Greg Johnson. Hard Questions with Greg Johnson. Refuge Media. August 25, 2021.

Greg Johnson. Greg Johnson. John Stott Legacy Podcast. July 6, 2021.

Book Reviews of Still Time to Care (In alphabetical order):

Steven Cooper. The Time is Now: A Review of Greg Johnson’s Still Time to Care. November 29, 2021.

Joe Dallas. Is it Time To Change Ministry to LGBTQ People? Book Review Still Time to Care by Greg Johnson. December 22, 2021.

Ben Hein. Review: Greg Johnson’s Still Time to Care. December 6, 2021.

Jonathan Master. A Review of Greg Johnson’s New Book: “Still Time to Care”. December 6, 2021.

Ben Hein. A Review of a Review. Note: A response to Jonathan Master’s review. January 19, 2022.

Ed Shaw. Still Time to Care: A Review. September 2021.


Note: ReVoice is an interdenominational 501c3 non-profit ministry with no official ties to the PCA. Since 2019 no PCA elder has been on the staff, served on the board of directors, or served on the advisory council of ReVoice. ReVoice made a board decision to distance themselves from the PCA due to our harsh treatment of the organization (communication with Founder and President Nate Collins).

Mission, Vision & Values.

Statement of Faith.

Statement on Sexual Ethics and Christian Obedience.

Statement on Public Posture and Christian Witness.

Articles Favoring Both Overtures

TE Dominic Aquilla and TE Fred Greco (SJC Member). Reasons to Vote in Favor of Amendments to the PCA’s BCO 16-4, BCO 20-4 and BCO 24-1.

TE Jon Payne (GRN Executive Coordinator). Recommending Overtures 23 and 37.

TE Todd Pruitt. A Clear Message from the 48th General Assembly of the PCA.               

TE Fred Greco (SJC Member). Overtures 23 and 37, and the Book of Church Order. Mortification of Spin Podcast (Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt), October 27, 2021.             

Articles Against Both Overtures

TE Larry Ball. Why I Plan to Vote Against BCO Homosexual Changes.

TE Steve Cavallaro. Considering the BCO Amendments on Sexuality.  

TE Steve Cavallaro. Considering the BCO Amendments on Sexuality, Part 2.

TE David Coffin (SJC Member). Against Overtures 23 and 37.

RE Kyle Keating (AIC Human Sexuality Member). Arguments Against The Proposals in Overtures 23 and 37.

TE Tim LeCroy. Misconceptions About Homosexuality in the PCA.

TE James Kessler (National Partnership). National Partnership Public Advice for Voting on Overtures 23, 37.

RE Jim Pocta (AIC Human Sexuality Member). Did I Disqualify Myself at GA?

TE Derek Radney. The Heart of the PCA Overtures Issue.

TE Jim Weidenaar. Are Sins “Contrary to Nature” the Worst Sins?

Articles Favoring Overture 23

Articles Against Overture 23

TE Larry Hoop (CCB Member). Overture 23: A Potential Constitutional Quagmire.

TE Brent Horan. The Definitive Meaning of Overture 23 Approved by the PCA GA.

TE Chris Accardy. Can the PCA Remain United? The Point of Friction.

Articles Favoring Overture 37

TE Richard Phillips (GRN Council Member). Five Reasons I’m Voting for Overture 37.

Articles Against Overture 37

TE Chris Accardy. Child Sex Abuse and Overture 37.

RE Trevor Laurence (2021 B&O Committee Member). An Unresolved and Perilous Ambiguity.

TE Travis Scott. 5 Reasons to Vote No on Overture 37.

Other Notes:

National Partnership (NP): A confidential group, founded by TE James Kessler, of about 200 PCA elders that communicate privately via email, text and other means to discuss issues and strategies to shape the PCA in their Presbyteries and at General Assembly. The group has no public presence, no website, no Facebook page, no YouTube channel, no blog, no podcast, and no conference. The group does not have a tax exempt status and does not fundraise. There is no board of directors or staff. The Beautiful Orthodoxy Conference, Semper Ref, and Mike Khandjian’s GA Fellowship are led by members of the National Partnership but are not official ministries of the group. That these ministries are unaffiliated is made plain to members of the group (as seen from exposed private emails). The group also makes clear in its correspondence that participants are to vote their conscience in all matters before their presbyteries and General Assembly (as seen from exposed private emails). At the 2021 General Assembly members of the group split their vote on the Overtures (some in favor and most against). Members of this group generally oppose Overtures 23 & 37 and support the SJC decision regarding Greg Johnson.

Gospel Reformation Network (GRN): A public 501c3 non-profit organization that is working to shape the future direction of the PCA. The Executive Coordinator is TE Jon Payne and editorial director is TE John Crosby. The Principal Officer on IRS 990 annual filings is RE Melton Duncan. The GRN Council is comprised of TE Ligon Duncan, TE Jason Helopoulos, TE Richard Phillips, TE Harry Reeder III, TE David Strain, RE Melton Duncan, and TE David Garner. The group maintains a public presence, including a website with blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter channel, and an annual conference (usually around the time of GA). The organization fundraises and lists 38 financially supporting churches on its website. The organization has paid for public ads promoting their positions on social media. This group vigorously supports Overtures 23 & 37 and strongly disagrees with the SJC decision related to Greg Johnson. GRN Principal Officer RE Melton Duncan is also a member of the SJC and cast a dissenting vote on recent TE Ryan Speck v. Missouri Presbytery ruling.

Getting to Know Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Accardy

So Who Is Pastor Chris?

I’m just a regular guy with an awesome family and a heart to serve Jesus by caring for His people.  If you are like me you want to know a little about the pastor before visiting a church. I’d love to meet you at Grace Presbyterian Church in Grenada, Mississippi. Here’s the basics of my story.

I believe the Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word and that Jesus Christ is the only Savior and Lord of humanity. I embrace the historic and biblical Christian faith.

My main areas of strength are preaching & teaching, outreach & discipleship, pastoral counseling, and ministering to kids in crisis & mentoring young families. I lead by training and equipping people to use their giftedness for God’s glory. People grow best in a positive and encouraging environment that provides loving and honest feedback combined with a lot of compassion, mercy and patience.

Of course, I’ve got my weaknesses. I’ve got legit ADD which leads people to view me as the lovable absent minded professor. When I’m under stress I eat too much. When I’m too busy I exercise too little. So you guessed it, weight is a thing with me. I try not to take myself too seriously.  I’ve learned that my shortcomings give me an opportunity to give praise & glory to God.

My dad was a Baptist minister and I grew up as that stereotypical pastor’s kid. I didn’t embrace Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord until I was 24 years old. Before that I was pretty wild & rebellious and a general embarrassment to my family. But God in His mercy & grace totally changed the trajectory of my life.

I love being outdoors. I enjoy coaching baseball & soccer. I’m a life-long fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Green Bay Packers. Since moving to Mississippi I’ve become a fan of Mississippi State athletics….Hail State! Y’all have to forgive me for following the Alabama Crimson Tide for about 40 years before that.

People have called me a blue collar guy with a white collar mind. I think that means that I work hard and think deep thoughts. I’ve held a number of blue collar jobs in my life:  fuels specialist in the United States Air Force, custodian & campus security officer at Gordon College, hardware & garden equipment sales for Sears, waiter at Denny’s, and grocery replenishment specialist & stocking team leader for Publix.

I’ve got two bachelor’s degrees:  One in medieval studies and the other in nursing. I’m a registered nurse (RN) who works as a hospice nurse. I believe working outside of the church keeps me living in the real world and helps me understand the real lives of people. I don’t live in a preacher bubble.

Along my path in life I earned a graduate certificate in human resource management with concentrations in leadership of non-profit organizations and marketing. I used to work professionally as a consultant to ministry organizations and larger churches.

I graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in pastoral ministry. I also did additional study in church history & theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. The main focus of my extra study was the Protestant Reformation and the Christian interaction with the modern world (contemporary theology, world religions, and science & faith).

I had two research projects published in Reformation & Revival Journal back in the day and even appeared as a guest on talk radio. I even made it into an issue of Current Thoughts & Trends. But I prefer to be a regular guy rather than some intellectual that nobody can relate to. So I gave up my pursuit of an academic career.

Major issues that are close to my heart are serving the poor and the immigrant, single mothers, and children whose parents can’t care for them.  I also believe strongly in promoting healthy marriages and strong families. In the past I’ve done work for an organization that serves the separated and divorced.

I started out in Christian ministry working with children and high school & college students way back in 1991 at a Christian camp & conference center. As a pastor I’ve served congregations in Georgia, Missouri, South Dakota, New Hampshire and Vermont.

We’ve lived in the South since 2008 and Mississippi since 2011. We recognize we are “outsiders” to the Southern way of life and appreciate the welcome we have received in the Grenada community.

Both my wife Shelley and I have a long-held burden to minister to wounded and broken children as well as families in crisis, particularly single parent families. I’ve been a house parent in a group home for abused boys. My wife and I have been house parents together in a Christian children’s home. We’ve also served as court appointed guardians. Beyond that our home and lives have been open to the needs of many children and young adults.

The Accardy family (left to right): Beth, Shelley, Hannah, Chris, Matthew, Carter Leigh-Anne, Elizabeth

Shelley and I have been married since June 1993. Someday we need to write a book “How to Thrive in a Dysfunctional Marriage.” We enjoy mentoring young couples who are in the process of learning how to thrive in their marriages.

We’ve got four young adult children – Elizabeth Anne, twins Hannah & Beth, and Matthew. We are also blessed with a granddaughter Carter Leigh-Anne. We are proud of our kids. Each one of them is on a journey to become mature and equipped followers of Jesus Christ who worship and serve God in fellowship with other Christians. Our book on parenting would be “How Defective Parents Raise Good Kids.”

So now you know me. I’d enjoy the chance to get to know you. Stop by Grace Presbyterian Church in Grenada and say hello. I’m always looking for more Facebook friends too!

Thanksgiving 2021 family picture. Back (L to R): Matthew Accardy, Jacey Jackson (daughter-in-law’s sister), Sterling Ray (Baby Bub) Accardy, Kiah Accardy (daughter-in-law), David Ross Smith (Elizabeth’s boyfriend), Elizabeth Accardy, Noah Siano (son-in-law). Front (L to R): Hannah Accardy, Pastor Chris, Fran Accardy, Shelley Accardy, Carter Leigh-Anne Accardy, Beth Siano. Missing: Jessica Phelps (Elizabeth’s biological sister) and her kids Kai, Liam and Aria.